Personal Fitness Training

What is Personal Fitness Training?

What does fitness mean to you? Is it to hoist 200 pounds, be fit to run 5 miles, or play a great golf game?

Perhaps you do not have much strength, flexibility or balance. Or you may have other health issues that hinder you from normal every day activities.  Do you need to pick and choose which area of fitness to focus on? It does not take that much effort to achieve a basic level of physical fitness in the five key areas: cardio, strength, flexibility, balance, and nutrition.

Cardio fitness: Workouts that get your heart pumping and continuously work a lot of large muscles such as the arms, torso and legs are known as cardiovascular exercises.  The TRX suspension training system will give you periods of cardio.

Strength training: Both men and women should incorporate some strength training into their fitness programs.  Note: women must not shy away from looking like a bodybuilder.  Men have a higher proportion of muscle and more of the strength hormone testosterone.  And, women have a different capacity for building strength and muscle. Therefore, how much muscle power you develop depends on many things, including your age, sex, and body type (and, of course, your diligence).  The TRX suspension training system will help you gain strength by using your body weight against push and pull resistance.

Flexibility: This is also known as stretching.  You will have a very good stretching routine prior to each workout and following your 30 – 60 minute workout with the TRX suspension training system.  The hip hinge in itself will engage 600 plus muscles during this movement.  The TRX suspension training system also engages the core throughout the entire workout.. Maintaining this flexibility throughout the workout will help you maintain or gain your sense of balance.

Balance is an aspect of fitness that’s important when you’re young and absolutely essential when you’re not. A good sense of balance helps you move more fluidly and prevents unnecessary falls.

Nutrition:  When you make wise food choices, you have more energy to exercise and you recover more quickly from your workouts.  And of course, cleaning up your eating habits is the key to losing weight.

As a personal fitness trainer, my job is to find out clarification of your goals, assess your current fitness level,  and working together in setting long term goals and short term goals.

Personal fitness trainer means that I will personalize your workouts to help you with your goals.

If you have a buddy to workout with, I will work with 2 at a time.

Important: The TRX suspension training system is for 040anyone. My husband enjoys the TRX and looks forward to biweekly 30 minute workouts.




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