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gym 005My interest in physical fitness and workouts began in 2006.  Previously, I was a biker for several years.  I also enjoyed walking, but not consistently. I had some exercise equipment at home,  but did not set up a time for workouts and always found something else to do. Nursing, became my excuse for not working an exercise program at home or at a studio/gym. I managed to stay healthy and my labs were all stable for many years while working 12 hour shifts, lots of lifting, etc., and lots of walking in a 12 hour shift.

However, in 2006,  I began having trouble resting on my left shoulder due to pain, became short of breath climbing stairs, and just generally did not feel as strong or flexible. I realized that my muscles were changing.  It was at this time, that I began to realize that I needed to start a journey with exercise at a studio with a personal trainer.   I committed to 2 hourly workout sessions each week.  What a difference this journey made in my life. Within 6 weeks, I was stronger, more balanced and had more flexibility.

If you are beginning to face some physical changes in either day to day activities at home, or when running errands, or your job, it may be time to see how a personal fitness trainer may become a healthy choice.

After several years of working with my own personal trainer, I made a decision to also work as a personal trainer.  I welcome you to call me at 421-8566 and schedule yourself for a consultation.  This assessment is without any charge.

At this point in my life, I am staying in good balance, and have gained a lot more strength.   The TRX suspension training system has made this journey possible. Using our body weight is a very good way to accomplish your goals.

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