TRX Suspension Cable news at The Fitness Connection and more

Thinking of all of my friends and family today. Sincerely hoping that all of you are safe after this snow episode..  Good News!!  on Corbin Shady Lane, I was able to get out this am after the driveway was plowed late last evening.  Therefore, Tony and I will be back to The Fitness Connection bright and early Monday morning!!20160124_094409  If you have not met Tony (see picture), he is in regular attendance at the gym…  Tony, will greet you and give all of the cuddles that you want!!

MORE Good News:  The Fitness Connection is adding 2 more TRX suspension cables, and my thanks to Kim May, owner, for the additional cables.  I certainly do appreciate all of her support and encouragement..  The additional cables should be arriving any day.    Now, a total of 5 cables will be available to assist with complete workouts!     I am really excited and I can now accommodate up to 3 folks at one time, which is considered a class/group…….

Good News:  I am fully scheduled with only a few times slots open due to some being away for a few months, etc.  Therefore, if anyone wants to see what the cables are all about and if interested,  please do call me at 421-8566, and I will be happy to do an assessment and then depending on your schedule and mine will be the determining factor.  My working hours at the gym are:  Monday and Wednesday,  7 am to 6 pm.,  Tuesday and Thursday,  7 am to 2 pm.,  Friday, 8 am to 12 noon.

Again, my thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement.


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