E Total Fitness!

cropped-056.jpgMy interest in physical fitness and workouts began in 2006.  Previously, I was a biker for several years.  I also enjoyed walking, but it seemed that I was not as strong as I thought that I should be.

When I became motivated and committed to taking care of my physical problems with flexibility, strength and balance issues, that is when I was able to start my journey to a much healthier lifestyle.

In my nursing career, I always thought that all of the hard work with lifting, lots of walking and just being busy was enough for my body and that I was in good health.

So, if you are beginning to face some functional, daily issues that are not as easy for you to do as had been previously when younger, then checking out a program of fitness training workouts is worthwhile your time.

At this point in my life, I am staying in good balance, and have gained a lot more strength.   The TRX suspension training system has made this journey possible. Using your own body weight is a very good way to accomplish your goals.